Project development

3D Coworking Barcelona selects a reduced number of technology projects to be developed internally, either as part of a consortium or as a fully independent and autonomous engineering project. We have 12 year experience in state-of-the-art innovation, technology transfer and international projects. If you are interested in contracting innovation, engineering or consultancy you can contact directly s.udina [at]

Electronics Lab

3D Coworking Barcelona offers a conveniently equipped electronics lab for the production of professional quality electronics circuits. Contact us for more information on its capabilities.

3D Printing

The workshop area of the 3D Coworking Barcelona features two Prusa Mk3 3D printers for prototyping and maker projects. The printers are arguably best in class in their category and they can even print multimaterial. The workshop features the necessary tools for professional development in 3D. Prusa MK3 can print ABS, PLA, PET, HIPS, FLEX, ASA, Polypropylene, Nylon, and various composites.

Mixed Reality

Few augmented/virtual/mixed reality tools can compete with the award-winning Microsoft Hololens. This amazing piece of technology allows unprecedented integration of hologram projections with direct space perception through transparent displays. The advantages for navigation, perception, usability and computing are tremendous. 3D Coworking Barcelona puts this expensive technology at the reach of new developers and entrepreneurs wishing to incorporate this technology in their development roadmaps.

Parking spots

We encourage sustainable locomotion to reach us, but eventually motorized transportation can not be avoided. 3D Coworking Barcelona features free public parking slots nearby which are particularly convenient for visiting customers from abroad, or coworkers living outside Barcelona.

Mind and body

The mountain of Montjuic, where the 3D coworking Barcelona is placed, provides plenty of possibilities for sport during or after office times, in fact we are surrounded by the outstanding quality sport facilities used during the 1992 Olympic games shuch as the Olympic Stadium itself and the Picornell swimming pools, there is also paddle and tennis courts just outside the Poble Espanyol enclosure, as well as one of the largest public sport climbing areas, which also features a full-fledged climbing gym.


3D Coworking Barcelona is designed as an "open office" which enables interaction between coworkers. The high specialization of the space is thought to enable synergy and networking among coworkers. The privileged availability of beautiful spots nearby to have a drink, a walk or a talk are also inviting for the joint creativity. Come by us anytime and experience it first hand.


Communication skills are often a weak-spot for talented technical experts. When starting small, the entrepreneur has to reach out much further than the technological expertise, to be able to convey effective messages to the non-expert investors or customers. At 3D Coworking Barcelona we offer training for effective communication, business meetings preparation, effective networking techniques, technical advise on executive summary preparation and more.

Accounting and taxes

3D Coworking Barcelona offers, in partnership with Facto Assessors SCCL Accounting, Tax advisory and other services at reduced prices for our coworkers. All within a model of social responsibility.

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Technical Mentoring

Are you unsure of your technological choices? Does your project need additional technologies you are not so familiar with? 3D Coworking Barcelona offers technical mentoring and guidance for resident projects. A long international experience in R&D allows us to have considerable knowledge and contacts in different very powerful areas including: Blockchain, Big Data, Sensors, Smart Home automation, Energy, Embedded Systems, 3D Printing, Mixed Reality, Photogrammetry.

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