3D Coworking Barcelona

Talks program coordinator: Sonia Garcia (s.garcia@3dcoworking.cat) feel free to contact he if you want to schedule an impactful open talk!

The 3D Coworking knowledge hub is open to everybody. You only need to register, talks take place in a limited space and only registered attendees will be guaranteed a slot. Some talks can require a registration fee.

The talks take space in the meeting space of the 3D Coworking Barcelona, inside the Poble Espanyol of Barcelona, at the Casa de García de Veas,  Av Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13, space number 68.

The talks are focused on selected highly innovative subjects, by selected speakers. You will be given valuable insights into different challenges, possibilities and data for understanding the present, and peeking into the future. 

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